About Kerry

I am a retired financial planner, sold my business in 2005 and travelled the world. In December 2014 Nita and I lost our daughter Shannon to cancer to cancer and I became an angry old man. Nita told me to find something to do or find somewhere else to live. In November 2019 I settled into this YouTube channel, a place where I can share my knowledge with people that want to hear my voice; where I can feel I have a purpose in life. I am no longer angry and I owe that to you. Now I’m building a $25 million digital business, come join me on this adventure. Thank you for what you, my viewers, give me every day.

Quote From Kerry:

”The single most important thing you can do to be successful in anything that you pursue is to educate yourself.”

Channel Goals

For our vieuwers and myself:

  • 1: Make Better Investment Decisions
  • 2: Keep More Of What You Make
  • 3: Building Family Wealth

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